Ilianalola | Conversion Optimization Tips To Help Improve Your Website
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Conversion Optimization Tips To Help Improve Your Website

Conversion Optimization Tips To Help Improve Your Website

It’s important that your webpage showcase your business’s value. By following these simple conversion rate optimization tips, you could maximize the amount of search engine traffic to your website and the number of visitors who become paying customers.

1. Brand Identity

A strong brand identity is important because you want your website to look as professional as possible and instill confidence in potential customers. The internet offers small businesses the chance to look much bigger than they are through the use of clever branding and marketing.

2. Simple Navigation

Being able to navigate a website very quickly and with a clear call to action will help to not confuse visitors. The more steps you put the lower your conversion and higher your bounce rate will be. Your navigation bar for your website should help organize your content and make it easily accessible. If its not doing this then its hurting your business.

3. Quality Content

The goal of your website is to generate quality leads for your sales funnel. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by including interesting and informative content on your site. This content should directly relate to the products and services you are selling your potential customers.

4. Professional Photography

If you are trying to sell a product, you want to make it look as good as possible. Many small business owners use professional photos to highlight what they are selling. This may be the closest a customer gets to your product before they decide to buy – or not to buy. Royalty free images can be purchased from sites like iStockPhoto and Avoid the temptation of stealing photographs off the internet.

5. Look Trustworthy

A common way that not many businesses think about that can help increase sales: building a trustworthy website. Be clear about exactly what you do and include this information on your home page.

6. Contact Information

Make sure you provide your contact information including phone number, email and physical address – on your contact page, or as a header or footer on every page. Make it easy for someone to get in touch if they have a question, want to schedule an appointment, or would like more information on your products or services.

7. Testimonials

Companies frequently post testimonials from happy customers. Testimonials build trust by showing that other people have used and recommended the company’s product.


Often the website is what forms the first impression of your company. This is why web design is essential. It can make or break a sale, and possibly the success of your company.

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