Ilianalola | Untapped Keyword Research Tools [TUTORIAL]
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Untapped Keyword Research Tools [TUTORIAL]

Untapped Keyword Research Tools [TUTORIAL]

In this article I’m going to show you the seven most untapped keyword research tools that don’t include the Google Keyword Planner. Number five is my personal favorite, so please keep reading!

Every good SEO campaign is built on effective keyword research.

There are three critical steps for doing keyword research the right way:

  1. Find keywords – This is exactly what I’ll be showing you in this video.
  2. Qualify those keywords – This is the process of making sure that those keywords are actually worth going after and making sure that there’s actually interest in those keywords.
  3. Prioritize those keywords – This is the process of analyzing the competition to make sure that your website is actually capable of ranking for whatever keyword you want to go after. In this article I’m going to focus on showing you how to find keywords and how to build a keyword database.

I’m going to take you through the process of how I build a real keyword database so you can see how this process works. I’m super excited to show you, so let’s jump in.

Tool #1: Print Books

The first keyword research tool that I love to use is print books.

Print books are probably one of the most untapped keyword research methods that exists, because not a lot of people think to use a book to find keywords and content ideas.

In this process that I’m going to be showing you for building a keyword database, I’m going to focus on the advertising niche. I’m going to find keywords as if I had an advertising website.

I’m not in the advertising space, but I’m going to show you how we would go about building a keyword database for that particular niche.

The focus here is a book called Cashvertising, which is a book about copywriting, sales and persuasion. This is a great book. If you want to learn how to do effective advertising, how to write copy the right way and how to persuade people online, this is a book you must read.

What I would do to find content ideas is I would dive right into the book.

I am inside the Cashvertising book on Kindle and what we want to do to find keywords and content ideas is to start with the table of contents.

Just go through the table of contents and try to find ideas there. Usually the table of contents is a good place where you can find more general ideas that you can expand on later on in the future.

For example, I could go through here and just take some of these ideas and add them to my keyword database. I wouldn’t necessarily want to add some of these ideas to my actual keyword database. These would more be ideas that I would need to do additional keyword research on.

Here is an example: “The Fear Factor, Selling the Scare.” That could be something I could focus on in a blog post, for example. You can go ahead and click through.

What makes print books really valuable is the actual content within the book itself, so you can go through here and you can try to find all kinds of content ideas and even possible keyword ideas, as well.

In this case, clearly this section is all about using fear to sell, so I could create a blog post that shows the psychology behind this particular principle.

Keep going through sections of whatever book you’re trying to get ideas from and just start to add those topics and ideas to your main sheet.

Just in the first chapter alone in Cashvertising I was able to find several ideas that I could expand on within my keyword research. Right away, you can see these are topics that are closely related to advertising. I can go much deeper into these topics.

What you want to do is build this idea section up, so you can then do deeper keyword research using the methods that I’m about to show you.

Tool #2: Niche Forums

My second favorite keyword research method is to use niche forums. All you need to do is enter your niche + forums. In this case I’m going to do advertising + forum.

Now you want to go ahead and click on one of these forums so you can start finding keywords and content ideas.

The first topic we find right away is “How to Drive Traffic to Website Fast” or “How to Drive Traffic to a Website Fast.” So right away this is a topic we should add to our idea list, because this is definitely something that we can expand on.

Obviously, this topic may be too broad to target, but we can definitely break it down into smaller subtopics that we could go after.

So all you need to do is go through this list and copy everything that is relevant to your business and add it to the idea list in your keyword database.

I’m back on the “Ideas” tab now. What I did was I went through this forum and copied a few of the ideas that I found that I believe I can expand on further when we do deeper keyword research.

Tool #3: Amazon

My third favorite untapped keyword research method is to use Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce search engine. There are a ton of content ideas and keywords that you can find using their platform.

Let me show you how to do it.

I’m here on Amazon and what we want to do is to find keyword and content ideas using their search engines. I’m going to go ahead and use a very general term here, so I’ll just use “advertising.”

The first thing you want to do is look at the book titles. You can probably find some keyword and topic ideas just by looking at the titles of these books and listings.

Right away by looking at this we can tell David Ogilvy is someone of importance in the advertising industry. Therefore, he could be a topic to focus on on our website.

Here’s another interesting idea, which is The End of Advertising. You could create a piece of content that focuses on why advertising is dead.

Here’s another great topic: is behavioral biases. This is definitely something we’d want to add to our ideas list.

After you’ve gone through all these titles and added them to your idea list, what you want to do is click through on these listings. This is where you’re going to find all kinds of unique ideas, because they start to get more granular with the actual substance of these books.

I recommend going through the Intro section, because there are going to be great ideas you can expand on later. In this case, “how to get a job in advertising” is probably going to be a great topic that you could create a content asset around, f your business was in the advertising industry.

Go through the intro and then scroll down. Another thing you can do is look at the suggestions that Amazon is giving you, because you can probably go deeper and find topics that are closely related to your primary topic.

One of my favorite things to do is to go into the comment section, because this is often a goldmine for finding keywords and content ideas. Go through each of these comments and see if there is anything unique in here that you can extract and add it to your idea list.

Tool #4: Facebook Groups

My fourth favorite keyword research method is to use Facebook Groups. These are a goldmine for content using keywords.

Let me show you how to find them.

When you’re on Facebook, all you need to do is use Facebook’s search function to find keywords and content ideas.

Traditionally, I like to use Groups to find these ideas. All you need to do is go to the search option and enter the topic at a very broad level.

In this case, I’m going to do “advertising.” Right away, before you even go into Facebook Groups, I highly recommend you just look at the search results that Facebook serves you.

Try to see if there are any topics there that you could expand on later on. Go through this as fast as you can, right away. One thing we find is “native advertising.” This is something we’d want to add to our main idea list so we can find keywords around that particular topic.

Secondly, right away, we have “how to advertise.” Obviously, that is a topic we’d want to cover, as well.

We can also see that Ad Age is a very popular business, so we could actually use their brand and create a form of clickbait, knowing that people have brand recognition for them. We could drive more traffic and more visibility by using their name in a particular headline.

As we go through here, we look at public posts as well. You’re seeing “Facebook advertising is too powerful to be given up easily,” so we could create a piece of content around Facebook advertising and why it’s not going away or something of that nature.

Just continually go through this and add as many ideas as you find.

Now I’m in the Digital Marketing Questions Facebook group. There are a few things you can do here. You can scroll through the group and look at the most recent posts and see if you can find any ideas doing that.

The other thing you can do is just use the search function in the group, which is very valuable. So in this case I’ll just use “advertising.” Right away, we’re going to find all the posts where that keyword phrase was mentioned.

“Facebook Ad gurus” could be a topic that we could cover. Another thing here is “Facebook advertising guidelines,” so that could be a topic that you could cover in great depth as well.

Continually go through this and look at all these ideas. Once again, we see Google AdWords, so that can be a separate topic.

Then here is an interesting idea, where someone is talking about how they would go about managing clients if they were selling Facebook Ads as a service. So that is a completely different topic that you could focus on as well.

Here’s another one about Instagram ads, so there is a ton of ideas you could find within these Facebook Groups.


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